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Work in progress!
« on: February 03, 2020, 02:20:30 pm »
Our position statement regarding our exploration of a potential future community ownership model for Northampton Town FC can be found on the website. We would welcome your views but please keep posts civil and constructive. Many thanks!

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Andy Roberts

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Re: Work in progress!
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2020, 01:19:29 pm »
The Trust has had several interesting and illuminating conversations with football clubs in England and Scotland who are exploring community ownership and other community initiatives.
Our relationship with Exeter City, 100 per cent fan owned, has been well documented. We have also had good conversations with Hearts north of the border, where they have an infrastructure foundation supporting development at Tynecastle Park, and AFC Wimbledon whose fans and backers have raised a phenomenal amount of money in support of their club in a very short time.

Last week I had a chat with Douglas Dickie at Motherwell, who outlined the challenges his club faces against the two Glasgow giants nearby and explained the methodology behind the Well Society helping to sustain top-flight football at Fir Park.

The Motherwell and Exeter models are two which we are following closely as we explore potential future community ownership at Northampton Town. As we have made clear in the past, community ownership is not without its challenges - not least financial - and there will be many whose minds will be closed to the concept, believing that only a big money backer can realistically prop up any basket case football club.

But the Trust is there to protect and sustain a progressive, community-based professional football club in Northampton and, to that end, I think it is vital we explore all avenues to that end and not close or minds or put the subject in the 'too difficult' box.

In light of the problems faced this season by Bury, Bolton, Macclesfield and, potentially, many other clubs in the Football League, it is perfectly conceivable that the EFL will seek all its clubs to be constituted along community ownership lines in the future.

We have flirted with oblivion at Northampton Town too often in the past and we need to be as ready as we can be for all eventualities. We need to be working hard to protect the club in good times not just when the going gets rough. We are doing just that.

This forum will keep you updated as to our progress on our community ownership journey. We would love your feedback, as long as it is properly attributed and constructive.

The Trust is for life, not just for crisis!